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The current name derives from the original company with was founded In  1949, then we were known as “John buttery automotive” which were the first clutch manufacturers to recondition a clutch in the UK. The company then started to specialise in the agricultural market moving into commercial, heavy off road then into performance and vintage. Our team consists of heavily knowledgeable toolmakers , engineers, and a highly respected sales department, with 90+ years of combined experience. With our extensive knowledge of the above clutch market, we offer new units, re-manufactured units & bespoke units. We also specialise in brake relining.

Whether your application is Vintage, agricultural, industrial or performance, we can offer the best products in the UK.

What we offer:

Our prices are highly competitive, we stock a wide range of clutches but our clutch manufacturers can meet most needs and arrange a refurbishment on any vintage clutch.  This results in clutches, brakes and plates which increase in efficiency and life-span as well as safety.

We also offer next day delivery on most of our products couriered with TNT.

Regardless of how large your request may be Orca Clutch will provide exactly the parts and service your vehicle needs.

We are able to develop new and innovative ideas and solutions based upon your needs, or make modifications to existing products with the same success level.

Our staff are masters of their trade and look forward to helping you with your clutch and bringing it back to the way it was originally, to an excellent working standard.

Please do not hesitate to phone us at Orca Clutch for all of your needs and refurbishments.