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For the last 20 years we have been producing and developing a flywheel salvage system , known as the O.F.I system. This allows for a wear plate to be inserted into the flywheel, to replace the worn face.Once this is done, the purchase of replacement flywheels is unnecessary, as a new wear plate can be fitted at an economical cost.


The need for this capability has escalated over the last fifteen years with the development of NON-asbestos clutch facing material. This tend’s not to dissipate the heat as readily, causing glazing and cracking on the flywheel surface.
When a replacement clutch and drive plate are fitted to a worn flywheel the service life is drastically reduced.
Traditionally flywheels are reconditioned by skimming, this too is not as effective as the O.F.I system as if the flywheel was skimmed. Release problems will occur and hard spots will still be present, where the material has gone martensitic. Also the clutch must be adjusted to allow for the drop in depth.
With O.F.I flywheels the depth is brought back to O.E spec.