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We offer uprated clutches for rally, drag racing, truck racing, off-road(heavy duty), drift car and high output road car. here at orca clutch we can machine and resurface clutch facings and reline and repair plates to bring the parts back to an o.e operating spec. if you have a worn out clutch from a rally car for example, why not try a refurbished unit at a fraction of the cost. we have many repeat customers who prefer the refurbished clutches as in many cases they can be uprated for heavier driving and so on.

Twin Plate Rally
Twin Plate Rally
Lambo 400tt
Mitsu Evo
Corvette C4
V12 Jag
Performance Clutch Kit
Lambo 400tt
Ferrari Twin Plate
Ferrari 330gt
Alfa Gt V6
Aston Martin
Ford Gt
Twin Plate RallyLambo 400ttMitsu EvoCorvette C4V12 JagPerformance Clutch KitLambo 400ttFerrari Twin PlateFerrari 330gtAlfa Gt V6Aston MartinFord Gt