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Here at Orca Clutch we offer up-rated vintage clutches and classic clutches for: Rally, drag racing, truck racing, off-road (heavy duty), drift car and high output road car.With this we can offer refurbished clutches which our highly skilled mechanics do on-site for you to meet your specific needs. Most vintage clutches and classic clutches will have to be refurbished because of the lack of old units being around anymore.

How we can help with your classic clutches and vintage clutches:

We understand that every vintage or classic car is different to one another so we can easily re-build or re-manufacture your pride and joys clutch. In addition to this we can replace everything from the original unit, including pressure plates, release plates and coil springs providing a nice clean expert finish at a competitive rate with the years of hands on experience and knowledge, backed with tried and tested specifications laid down over years, and supported with patterns and tools to make the spares that will bring the original unit back to life.

If you are stuck as to what you need, we can help figure out what model you have, what is wrong with your current clutch and what we can do to help you get back on the road again. We can undertake work on any clutch for any make or model of classic and vintage cars so don’t hesitate to call us.

When your car’s clutch starts to wear, the best thing to do is replace or fix it as soon as possible. At Orca Clutch we work to make this process quick and easy, ensuring your clutch repair costs are kept down and time off the road is kept to a minimum. If you need clutch repair services, just get in touch; we’ll get everything sorted without delay.

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